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Mercedes-Benz Tire Center in Palm Beach, Florida


Tires are an essential component of your Mercedes-Benz driving experience. They provide the four points of contact between your vehicle and the road, meaning they have a huge effect on acceleration, braking, cornering and the overall safety of your vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz strongly recommends that all replacement tires meet OEM (original equipment manufacturer) specifications so you can continue to experience the superb performance and handling that have been engineered into your Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the start.

A common misconception is that tires are more expensive at a dealership, but Mercedes-Benz dealerships, including our FL Mercedes-Benz dealership, offer competitive pricing on national brand tires designed specifically for your Mercedes-Benz.

Every Mercedes-Benz-approved tire is engineered to provide these key benefits:


The adhesion between the tire and the road changes with environmental conditions and driving style. Mercedes-Benz-approved tires are designed to optimize traction in nearly any condition.


Mercedes-Benz-approved tires undergo extensive road testing to validate construction and confirm ride comfort. Mercedes-Benz works closely with the world's leading tire manufacturers to specify the best tires for each model.


We measure reliability by two factors: the ability of the tire to deliver superior performance in a variety of driving conditions and its capacity to deliver Mercedes-Benz performance mile after mile.


The effective life of your tire depends on tire type, speed rating, inflation pressure, wheel alignment, and other vehicle and environmental conditions. To help attain maximum life for your tires, your Mercedes-Benz dealership will ensure that your tires are properly aligned, balanced and rotated.


Tires are a critical component of your vehicle's safety system. The safety standards of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle have been precisely engineered and could be compromised if you do not have appropriate Mercedes-Benz-approved tires installed on your vehicle.

General Care Tips

We offer tire inspection, wheel alignment, tire rotation and tire balancing, all performed by certified technicians who know your Mercedes-Benz inside and out.

Check your tire pressures periodically, as improperly inflated tires may decrease fuel mileage, lead to premature tread wear or affect the overall handling of your vehicle.

Regardless of tread wear, Mercedes-Benz recommends that your tires and spare be replaced after six years because rubber compounds deteriorate over time.

If your vehicle is "pulling" one way or the other, your wheels may be out of alignment, which can impact wear and performance. We can conduct a four-wheel computerized alignment of the front and rear suspension.

Have your tires rotated* regularly to help prevent uneven wear, improper handling, reduced fuel efficiency and shortened tire life. Vehicles with staggered-width tires cannot be rotated, but instead require inspection.

As tires wear, they can become out of balance, causing vehicle vibration and accelerated tire wear. Our Mercedes-Benz dealership can computer-balance all four wheels.

Click here to download the First Class Wheel and Tire Protection Brochure


*In accordance with or as otherwise recommended by your tire manufacturer's instructions. Rotation applies only to vehicles without staggered-width tires. Vehicles with staggered-width tires require inspection instead of rotation. Tires should be rotated/inspected at least once between each service visit. See your Service Manager for details.